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The Gift of Portraiture

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Mothers are most often are either the picture-takers or the action-makers –– always making sure our families have the very best memories, but rarely with anything to show from it.  While we fill our social media with photos of our families, we are almost never in the pictures.  Sometimes it’s due to our self-conscious nature, but often it’s because we are taking the pictures.  We take thousands of photos with our phones.  They fill our phones so we pour them online into storage and they sit there, often never to be seen again.  Then, we regret not capturing the precious moments with our children before we are grown and actually printing them to proudly display in our homes as cherished portraits.

That’s why the gift or portraiture is better than any shoes or or handbag.  It’s something we’ll cherish for a lifetime as the seasons of our life as change and fashions fade.  We’ll never have that moment in time back again.  We need the kids, the dog, and the entire family in front of the camera where they can be transformed into cherished portraits worthy of cherished space in our homes.  Mom wants memories of the kids just as they are now and she also wants to be in the picture.

She’s busy.  Help her out by giving her the gift of family portraiture.  I’ll help her take care of all of the details to make sure that we create family that can be cherished heirlooms.  If options below don’t meet your needs, contact me to set up the perfect gift or portraiture.